Tantan Sulaksana

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event organizer

DELITE is event organizer, consumer program and trade marketing company. they asked me to design logo and some application for their business.

Desain CD cover Delite

Here's the LOGO and its application. Enjoy Watch!!


asian street food

TUSBOWL is food stall with the asian culinary taste. they sale many variant from any country in asia. the idea of their name is from the packaging. that is a bowl. And TUSBOWL is The Unique Sensation on a Bowl. 

Tusbowl Booth Design

the LOGO & MASCOT concept it came from the bowl. Enjoy!!


cafe and bakery

MOCHACCINO is cafe and bakery in Bandung, Indonesia. the concept is something sweet and teenager spirit, and people will feel comfort when enjoying the food.

-------------- OK, lets start from the LOGO concept. Enjoy!!! --------------



Here's some logo design since 2010 that I have done. 


Restaurant and Bakery

BENGAWAN'S is a restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. they asked me to design some business needs and identity start from the logo design.



CHOCODOT is a chocolate brand with a strong concept of nationalism. CHOCODOT already has a mascot that is a sheep, they asked me to make some illustrations for the characters and some branding needs.

Lets Goooo!!! 

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KPM | Koperasi Persada Madani

KPM is a cooperative company that already has many branches in Indonesia. they asked me to redesign the logo and some applications.


Zakat, Infaq, Sodakoh, Wakaf (ZISWAF)

ZISWAF is a program from a foundation named IHAQI, moving the field of social and expansion of Islam. under the leadership of Ustad Erick Yusuf, they asked me to design a ZISWAF logo and re-brand the IHAQI identity. Check it out !


green shopping arena

OVAL is fashion stores but is more focused on selling shoes and foot ware. I was asked to design a visual graphic. here's a few that I show. Enjoy!


rent car company

COURIER-Q is a company engaged in the rental car in Bandung and Jakarta, Indonesia. I was asked to re-brand the concept of logo and its application. 


wedding organizer

RIEZKA is a wedding organizer services are located in Bandung Indonesia. they asked me to design an exotic logo and letter mark, and the logo will be placed on a clean, elegant and neat background. so that the logo can stand alone and eye catching.

So Here's the LOGO, Letterhead, Envelope, Namecard, CD + Cover, Goodybag, and Sign. enjoy :)

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PPI (pusat penlitian informatika) | LIPI

PPI is part of the Lembaga Ilmu Pendidikan Indonesia (LIPI), engaged in science education under the government of Indonesia. I was asked to design some of  corporate needs. Enjoy!!

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